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5 Traits of Successful CNAs

5 Traits of Successful CNAs

December 30th, 2014

When it comes to succeeding as a certified nursing assistant, there are many traits you must obtain. While some of these are gained during training, others are natural traits that can only be fostered by becoming aware of them. Of course, there are far more traits that are more useful to CNAs than that are listed below; however, the following traits are most common among, not only employed, but also also successful CNAs in a variety of facilities.

Successful CNAs Trait #1 – Proactive by Nature and Habit

One of the most essential traits any certified nursing assistant can obtain is a proactive nature. Throughout your daily duties, you are required to not only set forth established procedures, but to think ahead and proactively manage resources to initiate the highest level of care. The biggest mistake any CNA can make is simply reporting problems and sitting around waiting for another professional to correct them. Be proactive and watch your job opportunities grow.

Successful CNAs Trait #2 – Effective Time Management

Many certified nursing assistants feel that there aren’t enough hours in their shift to accomplish all they need to. While you may have a to-do list that’s a mile long, you can’t forget about the essential component of this job – communing with patients. Therefore, the most successful CNAs are those that know how to balance their time between patients to ensure that all patient needs are met.

Successful CNAs Trait #3 – Powerful Priotiziation

When you’re dealing with a hallway full of patients, it can be frustrating when it comes to determining who to tend to first. The most successful CNAs are those that understand how to prioritize patients based upon actual medical needs when compared to non-emergency needs of patients. While a CNA must tend to all patients with the same level of attention, they must know how to categorize patients based upon the urgency of care and need. By doing so, all patients are tended to in a timely manner.

Successful CNAs Trait #5 – Efficient Listening Skills

One of the most important character traits a CNA may contain is the ability to efficiently listen to patients and their supervisors. There is a major difference between listening and hearing. When you hear a patient/supervisor, you’re simply taking in what they’re saying; however, when you actually LISTEN you’re gathering information and formulating your responses and actions to best suit what you’ve heard. The most successful CNAs are those that utilize effective communication techniques to ensure there’s no confusion in what’s being said.